Andrea Ghea Novita is a content marketer, copywriter, researcher, and SEO specialist. She’s been working on various projects for different industries – starting from news, hospitality, then finance, and now aquaculture. Her forte is to taking on new subjects and learning how to communicate with new audiences. She has proven experience in leading teams and working for other people, as well as using social media, producing high-quality content, and conducting market research to achieve business goals.

In the aquaculture industry, she is conducting research and partnering with aquaculture experts to produce content for marketing to ~ 100,000 shrimp farmers producing $4+ billion worth of shrimp in Indonesia. She’s handling community development as well as product and business aspects of content marketing. In finance, she found and curated high-quality content about personal finance to support product marketing and did competitive research to compare product features and establish standards for performance. In hospitality, she researched and produced 5 to 10 advertising campaigns on various social media platforms per month and worked with teams in other countries to translate and localize content into Indonesian and English.

Andrea has a bachelor's degree in International Relations, hence her in-depth skills in covering a different topics in creating content and negotiating with clients. While at university, she’s interning for The Jakarta Post and helped edit 10+ articles per month about social issues and national politics. She also spent a month living in Warsaw, Poland to teach Indonesian culture and history to groups of 10 to 20 children 5 days a week with AIESEC.

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